Sharing our Art Straight from the Heart

Over the years, Kalapriya has been providing educational programs throughout the City of Chicago. The programs are presented in formal and informal teaching environments and include in-school residencies, workshops, after school programs, interactive presentations and assembly programs. Providing arts education for the pre K through grade 12 children of Chicago’s school systems is one of Kalapriya’s guiding principles.

The University of Chicago Laboratory School, Kenwood Academy High School, Pershing Magnet School, Joyce Kilmer Elementary School, and Swift Specialty Elementary School, to name a few, have benefited from Kalapriya’s teaching programs and workshops.

The specially crafted programs with qualified teachers introduce the interdisciplinary art forms of Indian dance and music through storytelling while offering curricular links to language arts, global studies, music, history, and mathematics at age-appropriate levels. These programs are often customized with the educators to suit the school’s requirements.

Improving fine and gross motor skills and spatial awareness, reinforcing math concepts and patterns with rhythmic music and footwork, promoting group social skills and individual self-confidence, and supporting the wellness health curriculum, comprise Kalapriya’s goals for students. They also learn and adopt various other skills such as rhythmic patterning, building characters through emotional expression, yoga asanas and complex poses, body isolations and full body movements, and attending to precision.

Kalapriya’s education programs are mentally and physically challenging filled with rigor and copious amounts of fun. Join this growing community today! Visit the Kalapriya Academy to know more about our programs for children. You can see the list of our partners and collaborators here. For more information write to us at