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The rich traditions of Indian classical dance have transcended generations and oceans. KDC presents dedicated adult instruction in Bharatanatyam for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Using rhythmic footwork, geometric movement, codified hand gestures, and facial expressions to tell powerful stories and create intricate sequences of dance, the faculties of abhinaya and nritta are shaped and honed. Through this journey, students advance towards technical precision, depth of emotional expression, increased rigor, and artistic maturity.

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LASYA: Adult Bharatanatyam

Lasya introduces the basic elements of Bharatanatyam for new and returning adult practitioners. Following the Vazhuvoor and Mysore Banis of Bharatanatyam, students learn integral aspects of nrithya, nritta, and natya.  Lasya is a cumulative course following margam, the traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire, utilizing ancient poetry and song to bring the art form to life.

Lasya I is for Beginner students.  Lasya II is for Experienced students.

Lasya classes are held at the American Rhythm Center (410 S. Michigan, Third Floor).  Class fees are $25/class + $75 annual registration fee.

Winter Schedule 2020

Lasya I (Beginner) 1pm on Saturdays starting January 11th

Lasya II (Intermediate) 12pm on Saturdays starting January 11th

Lasya III (Experienced) 11am on Saturdays starting January 11th

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Classes take place at the American Rhythm Center
which is located on the 3rd floor of The Fine Arts Building
410 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60605


Youth classes are held in three convenient locations: Downtown, Hyde Park, and Rogers Park.